09 August, 2012

Z Twist Språng Interlinking with S and Z spun handspun

in progress
I set up the warp with handspun yarn, alternating between a yarn spun S and plied Z and a yarn spun Z and plied S.  Then I worked simple Z interlinking.

The fabric curled to a significant degree, almost as much as with handspun all of one type.  However, the appearance of the surface is different, pebbly not smooth.  Side by side one yarn has twist added while the next has twist removed and so they heave out of plane.  The top and bottom sections resemble each other more closely in the look of the yarn's twist than the previous experiment's sections did.

right after being taken off the frame

Here you see the fabric folded in two, one layer behind the other, and stretched.

For both kinds of handspun the yarn twist is a regular twist, not a low twist, and the fabric has a harsh feel, in contrast to the piece I worked in low-twist handspun.  There is comparatively little halo to the wool.

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