02 August, 2012

one hundred, fifty-sixth skein

Two squishy ounces of Heinz 57 wool top, spun with lower twist than usual.  I spun on my spindle then spun back for a count of four before winding on.  I want a low-twist yarn to see how it works in sprang cloth, whether the bias cloth twists out of shape less than with high-twist yarn as Collingwood says in his book The Techniques of Sprang.

This is a pleasantly tactile skein compared to the last two I did in the same wool with the regular amount of twist.  I've got it in my hand and am resting my chin on it.  (It smells more of sheep than your usual wool top.  Pfffhah!)

I spun the yarn while listening to an old BBC film production of Shakespeare's Coriolanus.  I finished spinning when the hero's mother kneels to him in petition a second time in Act V, just before she disowns him and he caves.  Charming, absolutely charming.  Plying my yarn took longer, I didn't keep track of the time.

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