I think some of the best things to acquire are skills and tools.  And cheerful friends with skills and tools.

I started this blog some months after I learned to spin yarn.  I think my posts might be helpful to someone going through the same discovery process.  Along the way I've improved my knitting skills, learned to weave, learned to do språng (braiding on stretched threads), tried out lots of equipment, read many books, hung out with passels of handspinners, gotten a fair whack of people started on spindles, and gone to wool festivals near and far.  I've been fortunate enough to meet and talk with a number of makers and producers of fiber arts supplies.

Some of the themes of this blog are re-skilling, the environment, fair labour practices, and history.  And Shakespeare, just because I like Shakespeare and sometimes his plays mention textiles.

As it says on the home page of the blog, my name is Kristen Hughes.  I am a handspinner, twisting fibre into yarn with a hand-powered drop spindle.  This blog records what I learn and do.  You may be here looking for a story, a solution, or information.

I spin yarn, finish objects, listen to experienced makers, and research methods.  I want handspun clothes out of local fibre in natural colours.  I want more linen cloth in my life and more språng.

I spin yarn in public, talk about handmade textiles, and help new spindle spinners.  I am active in my local handspinners guild and weavers guild.  I see handspinning as a worthwhile and relevant skill.

I am a homesick Canadian from Vancouver Island, and I live in Virginia, U.S.A.

Here are some blog posts that will tell you how sheep got hold of my brain:
Hello World (2009)
Me, Spinning Yarn (video) (2009)
No Longer a Beginner Spinner (2009)
Why I Spin Yarn and Why You Should Care (2011)
Handspun in my Real Wardrobe (2013)
Map of Yarnia (2016)
Somebody Set Up Fibershed Virginia, Please (2018)
My Taste in Yarn (2018)
and the Portfolio page has a nice overview of my work in handspinning, knitting, handweaving, tablet weaving, natural dyeing, and språng.

You can find my how to videos (mostly språng) and interviews on YouTube as thesojourningspinner and my pins of fiber arts objects (mostly språng) in museums on Pinterest as thesojourningspinner.  On Etsy, you can buy from me (Rosetwist LLC) my own handmade yarn-themed jewellery in sterling silver, as well as tools like drop spindle kits.  I'm on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as @rosetwistllc, and I have a Pinterest business account.  I'm on Kickstarter as thesojourningspinner, as a backer.

By mentioning or describing any product, producer, vendor, manufacturer, fibre artist, external link, content provider, technique, book, or the like, I make no endorsement, recommendation, or guarantee. Their views and mine may disagree.  I disclose it when I accept an unsolicited gift from a business.  Links to external websites work at the time of posting but may become broken over time.

I post when I have something to say about handspun yarn and the fibre arts.  I'm trying to remember to post something on Saturdays; posts go up at seven o'clock in the morning usually, sometimes at seven in the evening.

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