22 August, 2012

2/2 Diamond Pattern on 1/1 Språng Background

Once I learned how to do all-over 2/2 holes, it was a short step to making a pattern of holes on a background of 1/1 språng interlinking.  Nice, eh?  From the books and their charted patterns of lacy holes like this, I take it that the structure of språng interlinking cloth lends itself to designs worked in diagonals.  Zig-zags.  Double-headed eagles.  I'm not doing double-headed eagles.

I will point out an error on this piece, I didn't compact the lower half enough and it's longer than the top half.

Can you see how the pattern's centre row bulges a little in width?  It's the row with three holes across it, where the dot is in the middle of the diamond.  Holes stretch the fabric out, so their placement can act as garment shaping.  That's a way to make the cloth wider or narrower to fit the form underneath.

There are other means of garment shaping in språng.  For a couple, I want to get some yarn in a contrasting colour in order to show clearly what the yarn does.

This piece of cloth was made with my one hundred, fifty-ninth skein which went directly from spindle to språng frame without touching a niddy noddy or swift.

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