24 April, 2015

Rose Beads + Fibre Arts

I have come up with a number of ways to marry rose petal beads with the fibre arts.

Stitch markers in brass; copper; and nickel, brass, and copper that you can wear as earrings or use to count knitted stitches.

rose bead stitch markers
Stitch markers you can wear in a cluster as a pendant.

stitch marker necklace
Earrings in sterling silver that you can use as stitch markers.

A bracelet whose beads slide to let you count up to 15 rows of knitting to keep track of a pattern.

counting bracelet for knitting
Orifice hooks with handles made of rose petals to let you thread a spinning wheel.  Also plain hooks of copper and recycled sterling silver.  It turns out I like hammering metal, I will have to find excuses to do more of that in the future.

orifice hooks
I plan to sell these tomorrow at Powhatan's Festival of Fiber in Powhatan, Virginia.

Oh, and this is what the simple, basic drop spindle kits look like.

20 April, 2015

Losing My Amateur Status

I like to write and I like to make up jokes and clever sayings to make people smile.  Recently I have had a lot of fun writing witty sayings about fibre arts and putting them on pin-back buttons.  I am very fortunate that a friend lent me her button maker.

Here are some examples.  Give fleece a chance is not original.  There are more designs posted at www.facebook.com/RosetwistLLC.

buttons for knitters

I am taking these buttons, rose bead stitch markers, and basic spindles, and going to sell them at Powhatan's Festival of Fiber this Saturday.  It's in Virginia.  I am splitting a booth with a friend, and you can find me under the Rosetwist LLC sign.  Or you can shop at www.rosetwist.com.

Getting ready has been interesting.  I had a custom stamp made for me by The Spanish Peacock from my artwork.  Kids can get their hand stamped at the festival, just ask.

04 April, 2015

Looking forward to festivals and SIPs

My thoughts are turning to Spring wool festivals and spin in public days.

A farmers' market expressed interest in having members of our guild come out and demonstrate handspinning but we don't have a volunteer coordinator to take it on.  It's a good location: I can think of two guild members who found the guild because we were at that market doing a demo.

This month at another location, the guild is doing a demonstration, fiber prep through weaving, and I am participating.  I am trying to decide what wool to spin.  The yarn I make at a demo comes out irregular with thicker spots, so the yarn has to be destined for a suitable project.  There is a wool festival coming up where I'd like to display some yarn that looks like a beginner did it, and I was thinking some indigo blue would be eye-catching.  There's all that BFL I dyed with natural dyes in the fall.  Some of it is indigo.  I must quit being such a miser and use it.

As for current projects, the sweater is on hold, I haven't started the språng pullover yet, and I am knitting another hat to felt.  In other words, I'm doing the easy stuff.