28 August, 2012

May Need to Switch Wool Breeds for Better Results in Språng

I probably need to switch the type of wool breeds I use for yarn in the språng fabric I am making.  The grey piece I showed you is Blue Face Leicester, and BFL strands stick to each other.  This is a problem when trying to force the twists down to the bottom of the warp.

The bottom part of the cloth turned out to be four inches longer than the top, roughly twenty-five percent longer, and I had to spend time adjusting its twists which led to adjusting the top as well to match the newly compacted twists in the bottom.  This is a chore I would rather avoid.

The lengths are even now and I've worked twist into about as much of the warp as I can manage.  Time to decide whether to finish it as a sample piece or to seam it into some wearable fingerless mitts.  Friends and family have been agitating for something real and usable to come out of my sample pieces.

The sample piece of språng with the diamond pattern of holes gets the best response from people seeing the assortment I've build up.

I have a couple of down breed wool skeins of handspun on hand that might go into the next warp I make.  I can't imagine that yarn would stick together.

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