31 July, 2012

one hundred, fifty-fourth and fifty-fifth skeins

My one hundred, fifty-fourth skein is an ounce of Heinz 57 wool, two ply, and the singles spun to about 18-20 wpi, though I was aiming for 16.  Much, much thicker than my usual.  I spun it while listening to a film production of Shakespeare's Richard II and the DVD player gave me my start and end times.  For the little yardage I got, I sure spun for a long time.  I got all the way to
Queen: And must we be divided? must we part?
King Richard: Ay, hand from hand, my love, and heart from heart.
in Act V which is pretty bad.  Next time, I thought, I will spin and not stop every other minute to check my gauge.

The one hundred, fifty-fifth skein took fifteen minutes less.  It's the same except spun the opposite direction so I can try an experiment in språng cloth structure.

Still haven't found my camera, and anyway, the skeins aren't very noteworthy apart from being bulkier than my usual style.

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