27 August, 2012

The Movement of a Strand in Single-twist Språng Interlinking and Double-twist

Did this practice piece to show the movement of a strand in single-twist språng interlinking and in double-twist.  A strand stays pretty much vertical in single twist: it zig-zags slightly back and forth.  Once you start double twist, it inches toward the side, then reverses course.  You can see two strands in burgundy on the grey background.  They run parallel down from the top, then cross and diverge.

I had a good time at the event on the weekend, as you might expect I might around people at leisure who are interested in doing arcane fibre arts.  Gave away a spindle to a beginner.  Spun a little.  Showed the belt tool to a woodworker and talked about mechanical considerations in card weaving, such as how a weaver-tensioned setup gives a firm warp-faced weave, potential drawbacks of wooden tablets, that sort of thing.  Distributed fibre festival brochures.  Showed samples of språng, discussed it, and demonstrated it.  Got to see someone's språng water bottle cover.  Tried to work a diamond pattern in språng and forgot how.  Fell back on simple 1/1 interlinking, as you see.  Left a mistake at the top which moved the two burgundy threads wider apart, a result I think makes its appearance more interesting.

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