30 August, 2012

Single Mitt in Språng

This språng mitt doesn't work well.  It's elbow length and that's weird to begin with.  The double twist interlinking section over the forearm (top of photo) skews strongly and the fabric there is insubstantial.  The mitt took both sections of the sprang because the cloth was narrow and it's unlikely I could make more cloth to match exactly for a second mitt.  The loops at the start of the fabric are ungainly.  The fabric won't conform at the wrist, much the way fallen tights wrinkle around ankles.

The humbug handspun looks better as cloth than it did as yarn.  The single twist interlinking over the hand gives a soft warm fabric.  When folded back and doubled, the fabric gets even warmer.  The stretch makes it comfortable to wear.

I think I could make a better mitt with språng than this.

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