02 November, 2012

Went for AABB, Got ABAB

I've warped my frame for språng and the result, the result knocks your eye out, but it is causing me some consternation.  The colours are not going to go in the direction I thought.  I've warped the threads AABB which would be fine for språng interlacing.  However, I'm going to use this as a circular warp and will only be handling the threads at the front.  That makes the arrangement of the front threads only ABAB.  All the As are going to move diagonally down and to the right and all the Bs are going to move to the left.

Let me restate that, all the wild multicoloured strands are going to go one way and all the solid blue strands are going to move opposite.  See the lovely bilateral symmetry I worked to achieve, the palindrome sequence of turquoise, lime, purple, lapis, purple, lime, turquoise?  That is going to become off-centre and it will not be good.

It is possible that I may be able to consult Collingwood's Sprang, find out how to use two rows of interlinking to change ABAB to AABB, and in doing so, not interfere too much with the interlacing.  Either I fix it or people are going to say "woah" when they see it and not "wow."

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