13 November, 2012

"Crafty Enough"

Some videos about sheep in Newfoundland:

"Young Newfoundlander Tries Farming as a Career," http://www.cbc.ca/archives/categories/economy-business/agriculture/whats-happening-to-the-family-farm/young-newfoundlander-tries-farming-as-a-career.html, sheep farming, difficulty getting suitable machinery, avoidance of debt

"The Shepherd," http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/Shows/More+Shows/Land+and+Sea/ID/2300435178/, seasonal pasture on an island to protect sheep from predators, prosperity and work off the farm causing a reduction in smallholder flock-keeping, passing on shepherding skills


  1. Really enjoyed these videos, Kristen. Thank you for posting them.


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