03 November, 2012

Got AABB from ABAB

Yes, I was able to change an ABAB colour sequence in my språng warp into AABB by making every other interlinking twist a double twist.

You can just see at the top of the photo how every other strand is blue.  Then the blue strands pass behind the upper stick because that's what you do in språng, you separate out every other strand to create a shed, a gap between the even threads and the odd threads, just the way you would when weaving plain weave and creating a gap so you can send a weft thread under and over.  But, no weft here.  It's all finger manipulation of warp threads.  Now look at the line of blue bumps, that's where I brought a thread from the back, passed it clockwise over a bright thread, and either left it there in the front and the bright thread in the back for a single twist or I kept passing the blue thread clockwise over the bright thread until the blue went around to the back again for a double twist leaving the bright thread in front.

The change sets the threads up for good colourwork in interlacing.  That would solve the problem of the warp arrangement.  Nevertheless, the width of the warp, the total number of threads across the frame presents a mechanical obstacle to doing this språng project.  I didn't do any estimates and so I did not know how wide the warp would be once I got it on the frame.  Now that it's there I can tell its width exceeds that of the sticks I use to push twists down the warp.  The upshot is that I'm about to take all the blue yarn off the frame and leave the bright threads.  Should be fiddly and time-consuming but manageable.  The good news is that the yarn is uncut, merely wound in a spiral around the frame to encircle it, and once I've taken the blue yarn out I will once again have balls of yarn that I can use for another piece.

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