November 29, 2012

Språng Images at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Italian, 16th C

I think the Italian garter's colour combination is rather startling yet interesting since the colours highlight  diagonal lines and so suggest the interlacing method of construction.  Double twist interlinking would also give diagonal lines but the row height would be higher.  Not that I can tell from an online image.  The garter is long and skinny and fringed at both ends suggesting a circular warp.  I wonder what sort of språng loom was used.

ETA: see reader comment for information about construction of garter


  1. I've seen more pictures of the Italian garters on the Sprang Yahoo group. It looks to have a meeting line in the middle, so probably not circular.
    I suspect it's a 2 over, 2 under interlacing, as I tried to do a 1 over 1 under with the z-twist on the solid areas, and it comes out too loose. I need to try it with the 2-over/under, but I can't seem to get it to meet the z-twist areas without a float on the back.

    (Evavanold on Ravelry)

    1. thanks, Wendy! Interesting, about the structure and your experiment.


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