09 November, 2012

Interlaced Språng Peacock Scarf

The interlaced språng peacock scarf is complete.  I might give it some more fulling as the interlaced threads are not as close together as I'd like.


  1. onafixedincome29 January, 2013

    Wow...just wow...! How the heck did you do that color weave? I'm so dang new to this...LOL...

    1. thanks for asking.
      You'll find a picture here that shows the coloured warp arranged on the loom:

      And a video of how to do interlaced språng here, showing this scarf in progress:

      I also have a couple of videos posted there that explain circular warp if you need them.

  2. Hi, I'm trying to make a scarf as well. Thank you very much for the video, it helped me a lot. I just want to ask, how did you end the scarf? I know i have to do the meeting line, but how do i end those two ends with loops which were tighted on the loom? Do i have to somehow cut them and then make knots?
    Thank you very much :)

    1. that's great that you're making a språng scarf.
      Sounds like you are working with a flat warp. Do the meeting line at the middle. Then go back to the loops at the top and bottom, and slide the loops off the loom. Do not cut them. They will hold together on their own, I promise. You will need to take the tails and knot them onto the piece so they are secure. Here is a video about it: https://youtu.be/SraI5akc09Y.

    2. fyi, the scarf you see in this blog post was made with a circular warp, so the warp does not make loops at the top and bottom. The meeting line was cut and fringed.


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