01 March, 2011

Corrected My Mistake in the Cowl

I've corrected my stitches in the Take It or Leaf It cowl.  Has taken a high level of concentration.  The effect of the embossed motif makes the effort worthwhile.

I frogged all the way back to the cast on and modified the shape of the cowl from a straight tube to a slight funnel.  There are 14 extra purl stitches tucked in between seven motif repeats.  The extra purls gradually dwindle away one at a time row by row until only the purl stitches given in the pattern are left.  A funnel means the bottom of the cowl will flare out and cover the opening of whatever tee or sweater I have on but the top will look orderly and trim rather than droopy.  Hopefully.

Now that I have knit a complete set of 16 rows and am ready to repeat, I am daring to dream that I will be able to finish.  Those leaves tilting to the left, they bear watching while in progress.

I'd like to wear the cowl ever so casually to the local yarn store in secret hopes that the staff will notice.  I hardly ever go there but for once I actually have a reason to go, to pick up the new knitting needles I ordered.  They are double points from the Brittany company, like the ones in the photo, only much more slender.

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