March 04, 2011

Cowl Has More Flare Than Flair

The cowl is showing more flare than flair.  Flare in the wrong direction, sadly.  I'm trying to decide what to do.

It was worse before I undid the sewn bind off and put seven decreases evenly around in the second-to-last row but that measure still didn't correct the outward curl.

I could rip back to the halfway point and strategically place enough decreases over the right amount of rows.  I would need to narrow the motifs, altering without distorting them.  That would take some figuring.  This fix risks making the circumference of the top edge too small to fit over my head.

I could rip back to the halfway point, knit garter stitch rows to match the cast on edge, and bind off.  This would turn it into either a very short cowl or an ear warmer band.

I could bind off, pick up stitches around the edge, and knit from there decreasing rapidly toward the center and closing it in.  This would turn it into a toque-type hat.  I never wear a toque and there's no way I'm giving this to anyone else after all the work I put in, so a conversion like that seems wasteful.  I popped it on my head to see, though, and the effect was stunning.  And toasty even with the holes.  I could never knit and wear a sweater out of this handspun: I'd cook.

I could start again and adapt Porter's Take It or Leaf It cowl pattern.  I would work it flat.  No trouble there, the even-numbered rows are dead simple and could be knit on the wrong side without much thought.  I would make the cowl much more fitted and funnel-shaped, using one less pattern repeat and starting with extra purl stitches wherein to hide the decreases.  That means there's no need to alter the width of motifs and no risk of wrecking them.  I would give the cowl a button closure so its shape is not limited by the need to fit over my head at all.

I am thinking of option B.  Possibly D as well, although I might save the yarn and make cabled mittens instead.

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