March 15, 2011

Bill s-226 Maple Leaf Tartan Act

Bill s-226 is an Act to recognize the Maple Leaf tartan as the national tartan of Canada.  Heritage Canada says it's just in time for the first Tartan day in Canada on April 6th, 2011.  The senator who proposed the bill, Elizabeth Hubley, says the government was premature announcing the tartan's official status since the bill hasn't (hadn't?) passed yet (CBC News, "Tartan notice hasty: PEI senator," March 11, 2011.)

You can see a picture of the tartan in that article.  An explanation of the symbolism of the colours is here, along with descriptions of provincial tartans. British Columbia's provincial tartan can be seen here on the B.C. government's site.

To go slightly off topic, I haven't read Ken McGoogan's How the Scots Invented Canada yet, but I heard a CBC Radio interview on The Next Chapter podcast with him.  The title cracks me up.

Don't know how I missed the Maple Leaf tartan until now.  Perhaps I don't spend enough time looking up my family names in Scottish shops for tourists.

Tartans and plaids always look so well balanced in the arrangement of colours and so diverting, the way the colours cross and change their intensity and effect.  I am thinking of weaving a chequer cloth, when I get to weaving.

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