March 18, 2011

Take It or Leaf It Cowl with Mods

I have finished my Take It or Leaf It cowl, with the following modifications to Marilyn Porter's pattern.  I knit it flat.  I made it to button up in the back.  I used six pattern repeats, less than were called for, and started out with extra reverse stockinette stitches between repeats, gradually decreasing them away.

Conforms to the shape of my neck much better than the first version did.

I wish I had made the button holes smaller.  This was my first time knitting button holes.  Had no idea and grossly underestimated the size of button that could pass through a button hole done over two stitches with this gauge of yarn.

Handspun with five strands plied together really, really gives the embossed motifs extra punch and texture.

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