February 28, 2011

Localwear Article

Jeff Bickart's 2008 article, "Localwear: 'Clothing' the Human Experience" in the journal Vermont Commons is an account of how and why Bickart set out on a project of sourcing and making clothing from his immediate region.
Part 1 http://www.vtcommons.org/journal/2008/05/localwear-clothing-human-experience-jeff-bickart-part-1
Part 2 http://www.vtcommons.org/journal/2008/07/jeff-bickart-localwear-clothing-human-experience

I like the level of detail he packs in to the piece.  The specifics lend credibility and give the reader a sense of the scope of the endeavour.  Bickart had to revise his projections and give himself considerably more time to get to where he was capable of even partially clothing himself with local garments.

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