March 08, 2011

A Walking Wheel of My Own

I bought a spinning wheel, an antique walking wheel.  I bought it from Tracy Miller of Tracy Miller Designs and Silkenstone on Etsy.  Miller designs vector surface art for various materials including fabric.  Miller says this wheel was used to spin cotton in her family three generations ago.

I am no longer an oddity among handspinners, owning only drop spindles.  But I trust I remain sufficiently eccentric?  This is not your typical wheel choice.  I still have to stand up while spinning.  I still have stop spinning to wind yarn on the spindle.  The wheel is twice the size of a typical Saxony or castle wheel.

It comes apart for transport and stows more easily than you'd think.

Saw the ad on Friday night and bought the wheel Saturday morning.  This was an impulse buy I've been waiting two years to have the chance to do.

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