02 February, 2011

third ear warmer band

This ear warmer band marks the first time I've used the Kitchener stitch.  I kitchenered ninety stitches together.  That's a lot of grafting.

If you were wondering how it all came out after I rejected those long skinny tubes of stockinette that simply didn't seem right, I wound up knitting crosswise instead.  By folding the fabric to make a double-thickness and then grafting the fabric into a seamless piece, I got around stockinette's tendancy to curl.  By increasing the needle size I got a flexible fabric that can be compacted and stowed in a coat pocket until I need to warm my ears.  It's incredible that I knitted this same yarn into mitts using sharp little size 1s and 1 1/2s, yet this band took size 5s and looks fine.

Perhaps I should have gone for a slightly firmer fabric with size 4 needles.  Went for a walk with the band over my ears.  Wasn't sufficient, but certainly much better than nothing.  The weather was 3 Celsius and overcast with 14 kilometer an hour winds, so bitingly chilly that I wished I'd knitted a ski mask an inch thick.

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