February 09, 2011

Twenty-first Century Linen Processing

Be Linen Movie by Benoit Millot.  If you love to look at gorgeous shots of linen from plant to fabric with all the modern machinery and skill in between; if you enjoy listening to French and Italian; if you don't mind the suggestion that hybridizing (or "combining"–genetic modification?) new strains of high-tech fibre flax would be even better, nor mind being told twice that European flax is superior, this is your movie.

I think it's interesting that the farmer says that the best retting takes place in humid growing conditions on fields near the ocean.  Also that the processor looks for a blue sheen in the processed flax to know that it is fine flax.

That reminds me, nothing to do with the movie, but with French idoms: in French when you want to say "let's get back to the subject," you say, "let's return to our sheep" or "retournons à nos moutons."  Very droll.

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