February 24, 2011

Technical Incompetence

The hook and my temporary repair job with tape from last June are beginning to fail.  I hope they hold out until I finish plying.  This is the only spindle I have this length, this large of a hook, this weight.  It's useful.  I prefer to spin singles with a spindle that's just as long but half the weight; however, when plying the yarn is thicker and I need the larger hook.

If you're wondering, the bone nalbinding needle at left is holding my place so I can pick up the strands in order and not snarl them while plying.

I agree with novelist and theologian Dorothy Sayers' assertion in her article, Why Work, that "God is not served by technical incompetence."  I really ought to either get a bottle of wood glue and try to fix the hook properly or commission an experienced craftsman to replace the whole drop spindle.

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