January 10, 2011

first pair of mittens

Here is the first pair of mittens I've made.  Hurray, I have knit two matching objects.

The mitts are knit using 43 grams from my forty-third, forty-fourth, and forty-fifth skeins, with 34 grams left over for something else.

I read some mitten patterns, then improvised my own to suit the handspun yarn and the shape of my hand.  As promised, I knit fourchettes into these mitts where the thumb forks from the hand.

I have tried them out already, and the fingerless style is practical, mostly.  I can turn keys, write, and do up my coat while wearing the mitts.  They don't protect my fingertips from the cold steering wheel.  The long cuffs bunch up against the cuffs of my parka.

The style, the colour, and the fine gauge are my idea of pretty.  The mitts fit comfortably.  I like them very much.  These mitts are the first thing I've made from my handspun that I consider part of my wardrobe.  Watershed mittens.

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