18 December, 2010

Stash Reduction Progress

As you know, I just spun a leftover stew of BFL from the remains of a couple of braids used in other projects.  Between that and the wool I used for the doll hats, I have emptied enough of my Gamma seal bucket, the one that's dedicated to dyed BFL, to the point where I could consolidate its contents with another's.  The last pound of dyed wool is now in my bucket of undyed BFL top, which had headroom.  Just in time too, since I bought a large amount of emmer grain that needs to go in a bucket to keep out the other sort of moth.

I have destashed the remainder of the hot pink merino wool top and given it to someone I hope will try spinning, a move I feel quite good about.

I am going to give away fibre in my guild's holiday gift exchange.  It's fibre I got purposely to give as a gift, but it's in the same spot as my stash and therefore counts for reduction points in my book.

Since I decided to reduce my stash, I have only bought the BFL in sunflower that became the orange tam and the BFL in lapis.  (I've spun the sunflower and half the lapis.)  This represents quite the leveling off in my rate of stash acquisition, so I think I'm doing quite well there.  Not sure at what point I'll let myself play quartermaster again and start to buy.

I did promise you that I was going to go in November to a shearing day to see about a local BFL or BFL cross fleece.  I had to be somewhere else that day and couldn't go; however, this month the same shepherd had her fleeces for sale at a historic home's holiday open house.  Sadly for me, while she has fifty fleeces for sale, her sole purebred Blue Face Leicester sheep was new to her and, having been shorn once already this year, did not grow enough of a staple in time for shearing.

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