December 21, 2010

third scarf

I knit another scarf.  It is a lot like the second, only longer and brown, not purple.

I spun the eighty-ninth and ninetieth skeins, what I called leftover stew, for this pattern, One Row Handspun scarf.  I think this pattern does best with yarn full of different colours.  I've seen examples of the same pattern in solid colours and the effect of multiple colours strikes me as much more interesting and suitable.  I spun the leftover stew of BFL roving with a drop spindle and put the singles on bobbins, then plied them together.

The last time I made this pattern with four ounces of yarn, I was left wanting a longer scarf, so this time with five ounces of leftovers I was looking to make the most of them.  I originally spun some ecru BFL into the leftover stew but that created a lot of contrast and I took exception to it.  I backtracked and spun without it.

One of the bobbins ran out of spun yarn early, leaving me with extra on the other bobbins.  I spun some ecru BFL, put that on bobbins and plied a barber pole yarn.  This supplied me with half an ounce of light-coloured stuff that coordinated with the leftover stew yarn.

Then I took the ounce of sunflower BFL I had leftover from the tam of the orange cat and knit that yarn with the barber pole yarn, alternating rows.  This made up the tips of the scarf, allowing me to eke out the leftover stew yarn and create a long scarf.

There were a lot of ends to sew in.

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