December 23, 2010

ninety-first skein

The ninety-first skein I spun is made out of two strands of Louet merino wool top in fuschia and one strand of Ashland Bay merino wool top in ruby each spun to about 16 wpi for a bulky yarn.

I am knitting it with a yarn made of the thirty-fifth skein, seventieth skein, and seventy-third skein.  These skeins were all fingering weight two-ply yarn that I didn't really know what to do with because the gauge was so thin.  I gave each yarn more twist and plied them together.  The result is not quite as bulky as the ninety-first skein, but when knit in alternate rows the difference is not too noticeable.  I like how the bit of ruby in the fuschia and ruby yarn blends with the all-ruby yarn and makes the fabric looked flecked with fuschia.

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