02 December, 2010

Spinning Yarn, Perched on a Stool

Know why, historically, people ditched handspindles and great wheels and went for flyer-driven spinning wheels?  They got tired of standing for hours at a time, for one.

You'll have to pry my handspindles out of my hands, I like using them so much.  That's why I bought a 25.5 inch tall stool, so I could sit down but still spin long lengths of yarn with a drop spindle.  More comfortable than perching on the corner edge of the dining table.  Not as good for me in the long run as standing, since I slump, but still good to have.

The stool is oak, and secondhand from an antiques shop.  I am happy with the price I paid for it, and I'm happy the shop owner thinks the piece is almost certainly domestically manufactured.  I've found that I've had to search for used furniture to get pieces that are locally-sourced, attractive, and well-priced, made with solid materials.

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