27 November, 2010

seventeenth and eighteenth hats

My seventeenth and eighteenth hats are doll-sized, to fit American Girl dolls owned by the girls who got the eighth and tenth hats, which if you remember are pretty much the same thing only bigger.  I reduced the number of stitches to fit the doll dimensions I found somewhere online.  I knit one of the hats in public and people mistook it for a newborn hat, so that gives you an idea of size. 

I finished up the remainder of the eighty-first and eighty-second skeins by knitting wee scarves to go with the hats.

You might wonder what a Canadian like me is doing knitting hats for American Girl dolls, and all I can say is the girls that own these particular dolls are terribly winsome and enthusiastic, and they are suitably interested in handspinning and knitting.

I am disposed to like doll clothes generally, especially stuff made by hand.  I had such a lot of fun with the pieces I had when I was young and I remember each clearly.  I don't plan to make any more in the immediate future, though, as I have other things to make.

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