November 19, 2010

eighty-third and eighty-fourth skeins

These are the eighty-third and eighty-fourth skeins I've spun.  They are each 1 3/4 ounces and 115 yards.  Well, 114 and 116 yards really, but who's counting.  Blue Face Leicester wool from Gale's Art in the colour lapis.  Spindle spun.

The yarn is 3 ply.  I thought I'd measured out a full two ounces correctly on the digital scale, and there was considerable waste leftover so I probably did.  Tried to spin each of the three singles to a consistent 40 wpi, but the leftovers mean I must have gone thinner with one of the spun singles.

You might remember the multi-coloured scarf I recently spun and knit from Gale's Art BFL in cocktail.  This yarn is supposed to be like it but thinner.  It is certainly thinner.  It feels very different, less substantial.

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