04 October, 2010

seventy-second skein

Ahora les traemos la hilada a mano!  (And now we bring you the handspun.)  This is the seventy-second skein I've spun.

The 62's wool top, 2 1/2 ounces of it, is from Sweetgrass Wool's Targhee sheep in Montana.  I spun the singles to about 24 wpi, then made two ply yarn.

This breed is new to me.  I like the wool's white colour.  Perhaps it is the texture of the wool that makes the colour so interesting to look at.

Believe the advertising blurbs that use words like "lofty" and "bounce" for Targhee.  The wool reminded me of a sample piece of natural latex mattress foam I once got from Savvy Rest.  I found that after I spun my Targhee, every little slub expanded and asserted itself, especially after I plied the yarn.  Whatever I make out of this yarn is going to look very different from anything I've made so far, not because of the slubs but because of the way the wool puffs out.  I'm looking forward to the results.

I spun the skein shortly before the fiber festival's handspun competition submission deadline.  You can imagine the charge I got out of discovering that late in the game that spongey-type wools magnify areas of inconsistent spinning.  (You can expect inconsistently-spun skeins to place lower in the competition.)

The skein received second place in the drop spindle spun handspun class.  The accompanying prize of fiber I got was donated generously by Tintagel Farm.

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