October 01, 2010

seventy-first skein

I blogged about handspinning through the entire month of September without posting a single new finished skein of handspun.  I didn't want to mention what I spun for the festival competition and I didn't complete much altogether.

But now, I give you my seventy-first skein.  It's big.  It's actually in three skeins but I think of it as one.  The content is a Louet blend of merino and silk, spun three ply and bulky.  There's most of a bag there.  This is what I plied when I was messing around with the lazy Kate.  Spun on a spindle, then transferred the singles to bobbins for plying and from there back on to the spindle.

I hadn't spun bulky for a while.  The yardage came out very low, about 80 yards if memory serves.  It was fun to spin and use up a large amount of fiber quickly.  I regret a little that I didn't eke it out into thinner yarn that would go farther when knitting.  By that I don't mean I want to spend a lot of time knitting because I don't, but a thick yarn doesn't create as much fabric or coverage.

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