09 October, 2010


I unexpectedly got to show six people how a spindle works.  That was fun.  Good thing I had a drop spindle and wool in my bag.

You wouldn't expect handspinning to come up at the tail end of a composting seminar.  They were taking questions and I asked, so, ever mulched with waste wool, I hear it's good?  And they said, you sound like you know something about wool.  Why, yes, I'm a handspinner, let me show you, I said...

I love the old, "what if the wool comes apart" question during demonstrations.  I get to theatrically play out what looks like a worst-case scenario then rescue the yarn.  "What, you mean like this?" I say as I pull the mass of roving apart with a dramatic flourish.  I cry, "oh no!" in mock horror at what I've done, then overlap the fibers' ends and resume spinning.

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