October 30, 2010


Ever been out of touch with a friend then picked up again without a beat and known afresh all the reasons you like each other?

I picked up a wee bit of Blue Face Leicester wool in red and spun a short length.  I needed red yarn to stick onto a greeting card in the shape of a heart.  I've been spinning other fibers the last while: Targhee, Corriedale cross, and much too much merino.  These are all at the other end of the crimpy-short/longwool spectrum.  None were as great as spinning that little scrap of leftover BFL.

I wonder, with apologies to the Bard, whether 'tis nobler to suffer spinning through all the other fibers in my stash first, with the goal of getting down to just Blue Face Leicester fibers?  Or whether I should spin BFL now?

Perhaps exhuming my stash will help me decide.  It's either that or list the finished objects I want to produce in the next while and match them with appropriate fiber content.  Maybe both.

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