October 05, 2010

I Give You Strauch!

I give you the man who makes Strauch drum carders, Strauch ball winders, and Strauch hand cards: Otto Strauch himself!

Here he is at the fiber festival.  You can see a shelf full of Strauch Fiber Equipment wool cards behind him in full and child size.  He and his team make fiber tools in Virginia where this fiber festival is held, and he considers local production to be a selling point of his products.

He describes himself as frugal, and offers this frugal tip: remove the stretchy drive band off the Strauch ball winder when not in use to prolong its life.

You'll remember that last year I meant to post my photo of him from the fiber festival but didn't get his image release.  Fortunately this year I found he was quite pleased at the prospect of "being on another blog somewhere out there."  A customer was happy to be seen on the blog too.

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