23 September, 2010

Still Nothing to Wear

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Temperatures here are still so hot, I have lost enthusiasm for my plan to wear something handspun at the fast-approaching fiber festival.  This means I haven't made anything, either.

I still want to have something on me to signal that I am a handspinner so that people can spot me at fifty paces and ask me about spinning.

The goal has an inherent difficulty.  How do you make something that looks obviously handspun?  Spin yarn with a slew of slubs?  I want to look like I spin yarn; I do not want to look as though I spin badly.

Knitters wear knitted sweaters, weavers wear woven scarves, inkle weavers wear woven belts, felted-fabric felters carry felted purses, and rug hookers carry hooked tote bags but a handspinner could be any of these and be almost undetectable.  It's comparable to my experience of being a Canadian expat in the States.

The easy answer to establishing my credibility at the festival is to spin with my drop spindle while I'm there, of course, and I plan to do that.  However, I know that some of the time my hands will be occupied with Carpe Donut mostly-organic donuts and such.

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