September 28, 2010

Replenishing the Kate's Bobbins

I bought a bobbin.  I wanted one to wrap with spindle-spun yarn and put on my lazy Kate to help me spin three ply yarn.   Three ply is a different construction from two ply, and a year has passed since I've done any.

I like things to coordinate, and I was wondering how I was going to be able to coordinate the new bobbin with the two used bobbins that came with the second-hand Kate.

I would like to claim that my brain didn't need a prod, but it did.  Online, I saw a photo of an Ashford-compatible bobbin and realized that the bobbins on my Ashford vertical Kate were probably standard Ashford bobbins.

So I bought an Ashford standard bobbin, and if it doesn't match exactly at least it coordinates.  It is the lighter-coloured one in the picture above.  Its length is greater but the bushings are set in, making the bobbin about equal with the others.  I expect that if I ever rent the guild's Ashford Traditional spinning wheel, I could use these bobbins on it.

No hurry, though.

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