September 03, 2010

Principles of Knitting

Having talked about the merits of getting information from grassroots electronic publication, I will now turn back to the benefits of dead trees.

I borrowed The Principles of Knitting, in search a comprehensive of basic principles to round out the scattershot collection I've amassed.

Faced with an absolute door stopper of a book and possessing a whimsical mood, I flicked through the pages and read here and there.

I now know that I very much like the look of the technique of embossing, particularly exchange motifs.

Now, you either nodded your head sagely when you read that or you blanked out. Unfortunately, the book left me somewhere in between those states, with no plan of attack for knitting the motif. The page shows a photograph of fabric knitted in an exchange motif called candle flame, describes the stitch pattern in general terms, and refers to reader to a stitch dictionary. Well, actually Hemmons Hiatt doesn't refer you to a stitch dictionary, but the implication is there. So, the trail leads to more dead trees.

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