July 14, 2009

Tomorrow the World

I showed my spinning to a friend and she asked what my goal was.

I said, my goal is to make something I can wear and to let as many people as possible know about drop spindles.

She asked if I meant to teach.

Not formally, I said. I want people to know drop spindles exist and have an idea how they work.

QED, I recently walked and spun in a holiday parade.

Two thousand down, six point seven billion people to go.

I think the simple sign on my front helped the parade watchers get what I was doing. I heard quite a few people read aloud the words "Hand Spun Yarn."

There were a number of poor kids who mothers ordered them to "look what she's doing! She's making yarn."

I had a sign on my back with the name of the guild where I'm a member. The parade pace allowed for talking with bystanders, and I got to give an invitation to our meetings to one woman who asked about hand spinning.

I attached the signs together with hand spun yarn, naturally.

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