02 July, 2009

Andean Plying

Here is a photo of my hand with silk singles wrapped on it for Andean plying, along with photos of the progress of the plying.

You can see that the silk singles put a lot of pressure on my finger as I wrap. Ideally, all my fingers would still be straight by the end but that doesn't happen.

I didn't need to stick a chopstick in to help this time and my hand didn't hurt as much as usual, since I wasn't doing a lot of yardage.

I've thought about getting an Andean plying tool. I tried one out briefly. The tool felt a little awkward to wrap to me, especially going over the top pin.

You can see the energy in the singles in the last photo. The twist makes this plying method work. That is, the twist holds the wrapped bracelet in place.

You have to tug on the ends a fair bit to draw off the singles. I find myself tugging downward, toward the elbow.

When I tried out the Andean plying tool, I used balanced yarn. The yarn slid and did not function like I was used to, which was a bit embarrassing because I was demonstrating to the shop owner how the tool worked.

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