July 22, 2009

Border Crossing: Strange Customs

Thought you might be amused to hear how my border crossing went the last time I went to Canada, which was the first time going back for a visit since I learned to spin.

Canada customs requires you to declare all wooden articles, even if these articles are your personal effects or gifts under the allowable limit. I pulled out my drop spindle, declared it, and then identified what it was for the customs agent.

U.S. custom's agriculture inspection agents inspected my shoes since I declared I had been on a farm, and they inspected the roving and wool locks I declared as my personal purchases or gifts given to me. They asked me to confirm the fibres were free of blood, which I did because they were. I was all prepared to give them details about my block of spalted broadleaf maple that I was bringing back as a gift for a wood turner, but they didn't ask about wood at all.

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