28 July, 2009

Spinning Sub Rosa (or Under the Cone of Silence)

There's a skein competition coming up at a certain festival.

The novice category is only open to beginner spinners who've been spinning less than one year. If I don't enter a skein in that category this year, I'll have missed my chance.

Knowing this, and otherwise not really knowing much about skein competitions, I asked for tips from other members of our guild.

The tip that struck me most was this: the competition is judged blind and judges are taken from our area.

Therefore, whatever I spin and submit for entry, I have to keep secret.

No skeins I've taken to a guild meeting for show and tell.

No fibre I've shown around to other guild members and asked for advice on.

No fibre I've bought from guild members or been given by guild members.

Nothing I've mentioned on my blog.


Speaking of super-secret fibre, there is a sheep breed called Bond. I've seen some Bond fleece. I believe the owner of the fibre got it from Gleason's Fine Woolies Ranch in Lyons, CO.

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