17 July, 2009

It Followed Me Home

A 2 oz bag of dark brown alpaca fibre mysteriously made its way into my possession at the last guild meeting.

Seriously, I left my seat to look at a book on display, got talking to a drop spindle spinner, came back, and found a baggie of alpaca in my bag.

It was part of the leftovers from the skein challenge and they were getting rid of it.

So the alpaca fibre followed me home and I could keep it but, instead, it will give me much more happiness to pass it along to a friend I have in mind who has a drop spindle but no fibre.

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  1. A particular friend with a drop spindle is rather pleased that she now has lots of fibre to play with :D

    I've just noticed that I now think of "fibre" as what you spin, and "fiber" as what you eat. Is that weird?


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