07 July, 2009

eighteenth skein in waiting

"Bobby" roving, very springy to the touch, from Anna Runnings' Qualicum Bay Fibre Works. Runnings raised this fibre, as well as prepared it, so hearing about the sheep that produced the wool was an added bonus when I bought it from her.

I transferred about an ounce of singles to each bobbin on the kate, wrapping the bobbins by hand from the drop spindle.

Next step is three ply. Have never done three ply. Am on tenterhooks.

Here is a close up of one of the bobbins of singles. On my spinner's gauge, it averaged around 16-18. I was hoping to make sock yarn because the roving is so springy.

Terry from our guild had a look at the singles and said they would probably ply up fairly bulky. Not sure if there is such a thing as bulky sock yarn.

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