April 07, 2011

The Stash Barricade Has Fallen

The stash diet is over and I have begun to buy again.

I have half a pound of naturally dark BFL roving coming in the mail from Breezy Meadows Farm in Pennsylvania.  Not sort-of-dark-but-actually-blended-and-stretched-with-ecru but pure dark wool from a black flock.  At least I hope so, I forgot to ask.

I bought 6 ounces of local Icelandic roving from Magi's Wood Farm in a vendor's hall after Magi Shapiro told me that Icelandic wool from Iceland is much coarser than that raised in North America.

I have Icelandic wool from Iceland on order through a spinning supply shop.  (I didn't know any better.)  Also a wee bit of generic ecru BFL top.

I am contemplating BFL fleece that I hear is gorgeous and available from a shepherd in the B.C. Interior.

Maryland Sheep and Wool is in one month.  The vendor list is up on their site, useful for planning your shopping.

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