April 18, 2011

Chucking an Ounce of Cotswold Singles Yarn

This ounce of spun Cotswold wool is now in the wastebasket.  I really wanted to like it.  I'd been told wool from Cotswold sheep could be so glossy that people mistake the woven yarn for silk.  Sounds desirable to me with my taste for luster.

I am sure that someday I will find some Cotswold that is glossy and in first class shape but unfortunately this stuff feels brittle and damaged.  I got a more experienced handspinner to handle the fibre and confirm this.

When I was spinning, I said that it felt as though the fibre was fighting me.  To which someone replied, "Looks like it's losing."  True, I was able to spin it but I should have just quit.

There was a lot more backspin on my drop spindle than I usually get, strangely.  That may have nothing to do with the poor condition.  Cotswold is categorized as a longwool, so it would make sense that it would resist twist compared to a fine wool or a down breed wool or an unusually soft and fine longwool like Blue Face Leicester.

I was fighting more than backspin.  Intermittent snarled strands in the roving and the brittle surface made drafting unpleasant and difficult.

I should have checked the fibre when I first bought it instead of stowing the bag for some special someday.  Live and learn.  At least now that I am no longer being held up by this project, I can get on to trying out the BFL and Icelandic I got recently.

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