April 06, 2011

Wool for Interior Textiles

I read the International Wool Textile Organization's publication, Wool For Interior Textiles.  I immediately wanted to plaster the floors with wool rugs, the walls with wool tapestries, and the bed with wool mattress pads.  Why?  The IWTO outlines many benefits to wool in interior textiles, but the one promise that I found compelling was that wool absorbs moisture and a home with wool carpets has less humidity and needs less air conditioning.

Back when I moved from Vancouver Island to Virginia, I had to ask how to set the controls on the central air conditioning system.  I had never used one before, nor had I ever known anyone whose home had one.  I grew up hearing, "Close the door!  Don't heat the out of doors."  Never, "don't let the cool air get out."  So, I've always begrudged the need for the A/C to be on.  It's extra noise and extra costs and extra coal and nuclear power generation which I'm not keen on.

Wool could help.  Well, well.

Wool could also help places like Vancouver Island, I am guessing from the publication.  Wool is supposed to buffer the effect of the cool damp interior climate in winter, again by absorbing moisture, and thereby make people feel comfortable.

Elsewhere on the IWTO site under campaigns there is mention of "vested wool interested groups."  All wearing wool vests, I trust.

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