20 April, 2011

"They are a Corrupt Lot, and Seductive"

Thought you'd like the dry humour in this quote from Katy Turner's The Legacy of the Great Wheel:
Then there are the spinners who never stop experimenting.  They can follow exact procedures and spin excellent yarn but rarely do.  Halfway through a project they start to wander, throwing in another fiber, practicing some refinement or moving to the treadle for a while.  Spinners in this group are apt to have baskets and baskets of yarn, no two skeins alike, and spend hours designing wall hangings.  They are a corrupt lot, and seductive, coaxing you away from the studio to long afternoons defoliating parks and byways for the dyepot.
I was very fortunate to have a chance to read a copy lent to me.  The slender book, published in 1980, starts at $75 used now.

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