24 November, 2010

sixteenth hat

Here is the sixteenth hat I've knit.  It is knit in the round on double pointed needles as usual, with good old K2togs and SSKs paired up for the decreases.  The yarn is my handspun Targhee, the eighty-fifth and seventy-second skeins.

The brim of the hat is formed in the same way as my eleventh hat.  You start with a provisional cast on, knit in stockinette for about three inches, then knit a row of purl for a turning edge, and knit in stockinette for three more inches, after which you fold the fabric and knit the edges together.  Because you knit them together using both rows of live stitches then carry on knitting the rest of the hat, the brim has a very tidy seam.

The brim of the hat, as I said is a double layer of knitted Targhee yarn, so it is very thick, about half an inch deep.  Hopefully the hat will be warm enough to protect my mother's ears whenever she goes out for a walk this winter on windy, wet Vancouver Island.  She says she has not yet seen a wool hat that can do this.  I didn't originally set out to learn to knit hats so I could rise to such challenges, but I have to say it is a nice perquisite.

After the photo was taken, I made a pompom and put it on top.

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