November 17, 2010

eighty-first skein

This is the eighty-first skein I've spun, with just under 1 ounce and 84 yards of Blue Face Leicester from Frabjous Fibers in the colour deep space.  This is the last of the four ounce braid, so I've done a nice touch of stash reduction here.

Not that an ounce is much to clear out of the stash compared to the overall weight of fiber I have in there.  The benefit is more from being completely done with this braid.  Move on over to the stash of completed yarn, little skein.  Hopefully you won't linger there long.


  1. I'm learning the grams, ounces and yards at my point of spinning. I just found you and I will be watching you (I've got my eyes on you...) I started spinning in May. And I got my drum carder in September. And I have been enjoying learning how to create and to dye etc etc. :D

    your new fan
    Ginaiam pceflwrgrl at gmail dot com


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